dutch word has no literally translation to English. Dutch use it a lot, everything is gezellig

gezelligheid is the modern day religion of the Dutch. They love it, they need it and they respect it.

Gezellig and gezelligheid are less about a word and more about a feeling.

Dutch people tend to evaluate everything on its particular level of gezelligheid. A place can be gezellig, a room can be gezellig, a person can be gezellig, an evening can be gezellig. Even childbirth can be rated by it’s gezellig-ness 


i think it’s impossible to explain unless you’ve grown up with it but the link to “shit Dutch people like” is pretty accurate

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Zalipie - a village about 40 miles east of Kraków, houses are adorned with floral paintings in the dtyle of a famous ceramics artist, Felicja Curylowa, who lived in the village. Today, local women are taught how to paint in her style and anything that can be painted - is painted.

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